Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Enroll America Racket

Orrin Hatch questions Sec HHS on soliciting money from health care executives  to flog Obamacare  via Enroll America (Previous Post: Enroll America: Rich folks charged with selling us on ObamaCare looking for handouts)

This kind of entanglement between Government, Insurers, and the Healthcare Industry isn't going end well.  Way too much money involved and way too many conflicts of interest. An Exec involved in this a GD fool.  Better have good lawyers on hand.  This will unravel fast and this administration the last folks you want covering your back.

Also, LA Times, Obama uses 2012 campaign tactics to sell healthcare law and Reuters, Obama's health secretary seeks donations from companies for healthcare law

Visit Enroll America to keep an eye on this combine.

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