Thursday, May 23, 2013

Prez Obama: #Enroll America joins Feds and Insurance Industry at the hip

Via The Hill,

Many insurers are wary of Enroll America. Several large companies have not donated at all, or made only pro forma contributions when the organization first got off the ground.
Industry officials said companies are worried about the group's messaging — they don't want to write a $10 million check that will then be used to criticize them. There are still big parts of the law they oppose.
Still, insurers knew they were likely in for a big fundraising push, and they said they have seen the White House taking on an increasingly big role in Enroll America as congressional Republicans have refused to provide more funding to implement the law.
As for the close ties to the White House, Pollack said it should not be a surprise.
"There has been cooperation since Day One ... any way we can achieve cooperation, we are eager to do that," he said.

Obama reportedly sat in for an hour-long meeting he was initially not scheduled to attend at all last month, and told insurance executives that the White House and the industry were now "joined at the hip" trying to make the healthcare law work.

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Anyone foolish enough to get involved with Enroll America needs to take a hard look at Illinois's experience with Rod Blagojevich and the Illinois Health Facilties Planning Board.  Joining Government and Industry at the hip lead to pay-to-play, and from there prison for many.  The classic example of power corrupting.


The Exec's and High Power sorts working with the Administration best look at the fates of Rod Blagojevich, Stu LevineChris Kelly (RIP), Tony Rezko and the others. This is a hard dirty and corrupting business... have nothing to do with it.

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