Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OLB: Stephanie Kifowit Ducks Gay Marriage Question and Says She Needs to Take a Survey to Figure Out Which Way the Political Wind Blows

Open Line Blog finds Stephanie Kifowit on both sides of SSM depending on the donor community she speaks too.  Time for a poll it seems.

The problem for Kifowit is that she's made her position clear for and against gay marriage, depending on who she was soliciting support for.

She has tried to insult those who are gay at various times, yet cuddles up with gay supporters like Lisa Madigan.

She has told religious people she's "against" gay marriage yet taken thousands from campaign contributors looking for her to endorse gay marriage.

"Kifowit's position changes based upon who's she's speaking to and she will decide based upon purely selfish political interests" said an east side resident from Aurora's 3rd Ward, where Kifowit exploited taxpayers as alderman to attend parties and events.
Good luck with that poll Rep Kifowit.

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