Tuesday, May 07, 2013

ObamaCare's Patronage Army: The Navigators

Crain's carries Quinn's announcement on contracts for Obama Care's Army of patronage workers to help the public "Navigate" ObamaCare. No squester getting in the way of this payout to the political class,

The race is on in Illinois for $28 million in grants to help consumers learn how to shop for health insurance.
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's office announced Monday a competitive grant process to distribute the federal money to community groups that want to help educate consumers about the new online insurance marketplace.

The state will take applications through May 30. Organizations eligible to apply — according to grant information on a state website — include nonprofit groups, farming organizations, fishing industry organizations, chambers of commerce and unions.

"We've got a big job to do making sure that people across Illinois are aware of the affordable and high-quality health care coverage options that will soon be available through the Affordable Care Act," Quinn said in a statement. "That's why we are partnering with trusted organizations that have proven records of success and roots in communities across Illinois to ensure that no one is left out."

And TownHall's take,

The intransigence of the Democrats in Washington could not be any more evident when one looks at the sequestration and the furlough of thousands of air traffic controllers, which has caused a major strain our air transportation system. This is a vital part of our economy and has resulted in considerable damage to the airline industry at a time when our fragile economy can least afford it. Yet, there is enough money to create a new group of federal bureaucrats- Obamacare navigators. These are the people who guide Americans through the "simple" 21 page application for subsidies in the healthcare exchanges. These new positions, which will pay between $20-40 per hour, will be awarded to political allies, many of whom are ex-ACORN employees. The sequestration doesn't affect this "very important" new federal initiative.


ObamaCare Navigators going to be an invitation for abuse.  Add it to your google searches.  You'll here plenty more about this crowd of Ward Heelers.

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