Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A friend writes on one of those bills that tends to slide through this time of year.  Take a break from the Hawks and email your rep.

In this bill, sponsored by Linda Chapa-LaVia, voter fraud and corruption will have a new and more vibrant life than ever in Illinois.  In the past, “vote early, vote often” was the mantra for Chicago.  With the passage of this bill it will be the “new normal” for all of Illinois.
·         Printable voter registration forms will be available on the internet to fill out and send in, with stated forms of identification mandatory for acceptance.  What that means is that anyone can fill out a form online, submit with a utility bill or two, scan the address  with multiple names, and it will be a very easy way to commit voter fraud and impossible to catch and stop the fraud.  No registrars, no oversight, no real proof of identity. 
·         Ballots will be available on line.  No reason required any more.
·         In addition to registering on line, you can also update your registration on line as well.  So…if you have enough information about a voter, will you be able to tamper with the system, and make sure they are ineligible to vote?
·         P. 158 Validating and counting provisional ballots:  People will be allowed to vote in the wrong precinct with a provisional ballot, expecting that those ballots will be transferred to the correct precinct and counted.  The State Board will get the list of provisional ballots within 7 days instead of 2 as in previous elections.  Why?  Does the state legislature expect that people are not capable of finding the precinct that has the voter information required?  Why should it take 7 days to receive provisional ballots?  Who would have them in possession for that length of time after the ballots are delivered, and why???
·         p. 89. Local control of boards of election can be superseded by a County Board by vote, thereby taking local control away from the citizens to a bigger and more powerful entity which may or may not be representative of its local citizens.   County Boards can also make it more difficult for people to run for office. 

·        p. 87 - 89 HB2418 would duplicate costs of the County Clerk and Election commission by requiring many costly changes including a conservative estimate of at least $250-$400K in additional unfunded mandates to taxpayers.   It is unnerving that this bill appears to be targeting one specific county: Lake County.  There will be separate administrations for both, election commissioners compensation, education and travel expenses, separate office space, separate staff, IT conversion costs , election results reporting confusion, layers upon layers of more, bloated inefficient, bigger,  unnecessary, out of control government bureaucracy.

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