Wednesday, May 22, 2013

GOP's Reince Priebus FOIA's the #IRS




Apparently the IRS has an appreciation for the Constitution after all – or at least the Fifth Amendment which protects American citizens from self-incrimination.
The Internal Revenue Service official who oversees the department responsible for targeting and harassing conservative non-profit organizations chose to invoke the Fifth Amendment in her testimony before Congress rather than shed light on this growing scandal.  Clearly there is something serious the American people are not being told.
Who gave authorization to target American citizens based on their political beliefs? Where was the oversight? What did the White House know and when?
The American people deserve answers, but the woman who was in the know isn't talking.
That's why I have instructed the RNC Counsel's Office to submit a FOIA request to the IRS.  When the liberal group ProPublica filed a FOIA request with the IRS in November for information on conservative groups, the IRS released that confidential information to them within thirteen days.  We hope the IRS handles our request for information with the same urgency.  I will keep you updated.
Obama and IRS can stonewall all they like, but with your help the truth will come out.  Contribute $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us fund this effort.


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