Thursday, May 09, 2013

Enroll America: Rich folks charged with selling us on ObamaCare looking for handouts

Take a look at the names and outfits behind Enroll America.  They're the bunch charged with selling us on ObamaCare. Gotta wonder why a well-heeled bunch of folks working for Corporations and Insurance companies that will profit handsomely off Obamacare need to ask us to donate to their cause.

And where in the world is AFGE on Unionizing this almost certainly non-Union shop carrying out CMS's mission?

This all stinks of patronage, boodle, and kick-backs we in Illinois familiar from the drug-fueled parties at the Purple Hotel with Illinois Health Facilities Planning Council.

It'll be an investigative reporter's dream for decades.  People foolish enough to get involved working with Enroll America  out to write Stu Levine in Federal Prison for advice. This is a patronage machine and you join it like joining the mob. It'll corrupt you and take you down.

This Medical-Government complex headed for disaster.  Way too much loose money slushing around, unaudited, unmanaged, and they want us to donate?


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