Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cal Skinner: Is the Government Using Banks to Target Conservatives Groups?

I would  have said Cal had his Tin Foil Cap on with a post like this but now I suspect it's true:   Is the Government Using Banks to Target Conservatives Groups?  It's a presser from Lennie Jarret on a strange experience with TCF Bank,
Since the IRS scandal broke it is clear that the government knows no bounds in how it can politically go after it's opponents. Given my recent experience with the bank account for my Political PAC being closed, I have to wonder if the government is also using banks to go after Conservatives.
I started a non-partisan group in March of 2012, For Our Children's Future. It's mission is as follows:
  1. Recruit, train and help candidates who will bring fiscal sustainability and integrity to their elected office while maintaining a social safety net for those truly in need
  2. Empower parents to ensure their children are not trapped in failing schools
  3. Fight the efforts that limit taxpayer rights by forcing property owners to do their own tax appeals or hire a lawyer
In February 2013, I started a Political Action Committee to help fulfill our mission and opened a bank account. Our bank account was closed without notification at the end of April. I only found out it had been closed when a check I had donated to a candidate could not be cashed. You can view the timeline below for more detailed information on the closing.

Go read the whole thing and then maybe give them a call.

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