Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SaukValley.Com: Rauner begged Mitch Daniels to run for Prez

From Rauner's interview with SaukValley.Com.  I doubt Rauner's past donations comport with his current views, but the guy's certainly saying all the right stuff.


Rauner, 56, stopped in Dixon for a lunch reception as part of his statewide "listening tour." He later met with Sauk Valley Media's editorial board.

He said his top priority would be to improve the state's climate for businesses.


"If we don't have a better business climate in Illinois, nothing else matters," he told the editorial board. "Taxpayers are not getting the best value for their tax dollars, not even remotely close."


Rauner said he could bring about change even though Democrats have long dominated the General Assembly. The Illinois governor, he said, is among the most powerful in the country. He said he would have a "steel backbone" in negotiations with unions.


Rauner said former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who left office earlier this year after two terms, was the best governor in the United States. Rauner, as do other Republicans, credits Daniels for making Indiana government more efficient, cutting spending and balancing the budget.


Daniels, a Republican, declined to run for president in 2012.


"I begged him to run," Rauner said.

Beware the nothing else matters though. The matter to Democrats and they will hammer Rauner on them to drive a wedge between him and the GOP base.  Rauner better have some thoughtful comments 'cause giving it all to the voters only goes so far.


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