Monday, April 08, 2013

Rich Miller and History's Tide overlooking Illinois's Democrats on Gay Marriage

Rich writes a whole column in the Southtown on GOP conservatives see handwriting on gay marriage with nary a word on the Democrats opposed
All this blather about history's tide, hand writing on the walls, and inevitability of Gay Marriage sounds a whole lot like Speaker Michael Madigan seeking cover for members of his party with constitutents who don't read the-writing-on-the-walls, or  mind History's druthers. 

Their ethics tell them Gay Marriage is wrong, and they'll buck their history of voting Democratic if their reps defy them. 
So it's only the GOP members who get lectures about inevitability.  Democrats quietly vote their costitutents wishes. GOP votes expected to do the heavy lifting for Madigan to placate Big Gay's lobbying.
Tell Pat Brady History frowns on dupes too.

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