Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pat Brady's Surrender with Honor path

I think Rich Miller gets it right here,
Opponents of Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady were not able to muster the votes to oust him today. 
Indeed, no votes were even taken on an ouster, which was a serious defeat to his most outspoken opponents. However, the central committee did set up a process to find a replacement. So, it appears as though the “surrender with honor” idea by top Republicans has worked. Brady can announce a resignation “of his own accord” and without a sword over his head. The opponents “win” because Brady will step down, but there will not be a hardline conservative appointed in his place. Expect either Sen. Matt Murphy or somebody like him.
This was no victory for Brady. Madigan's trying to dupe the GOP into giving him the votes to pass SSM without forcing Democrats who would find this vote toxic. Not many GOPers falling for it except Pat Brady. Once duped, it's find the safe way out, and I think that's what were seeing her


Carl Segvich said...

The people laughing their asses off at this meeting are: DAVID AXELROD, the anti-CHRISTIAN media, Rich Miller, the Daley Political MAFIA, Pat Brady, the homosexual mafia, the MADIGANS, and many more including Pat Brady, the Illegal Immigration crowd and Rahm Emanuel's political-MONEY pal Bruce Rauner.

Carl Segvich said...

We are losing our United States of America for many reasons. A reason bigger than Axelrod, Emanuel, 50 years of Chicago Daley Mob politics, media, Harry Reid, Obama, Dick Durbin and the Kennedys put together is, the CROOKED Illinois "republican" party.
- Mr. Segvich