Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bruce Rauner on Teachers Unions: They've got our schoolchildren by the throats and they're squeezing them

Via an interview with Tom Kacich in the News Gazette,

Rauner also said he was prepared to use the power of the governorship to take on "special interests."
"We are a state that has been taken over completely by special-interest groups that make their money from government. Unfortunately for us, they've taken over a big chunk of the Republican Party too," he said. "We don't like to talk about it, but it's true. And they own the Democratic Party. The folks who make their money from the government — AFSCME and SEIU and the teachers' unions and trial lawyers, you look at their financial muscle, who they've given donations to. They've got our taxpayers by the throats and they're squeezing. They've got our schoolchildren by the throats and they're squeezing them."
He declined to say specifically how he would take on interest groups.

"The governorship in Illinois is a very powerful governorship," he said. "You can do things with executive order here that many states can't do. You have an amendatory veto, line-item veto, you've got the ability to appoint to key positions that the Legislature wants to have influence in. If you're a creative negotiator and you've got a steel backbone and are willing to play hardball, you can get a lot of stuff done. We'll be stretching the power of the office. I'll be stretching the envelope aggressively."

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