Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Roskam to Obama: Don't let the US become Illinois

DH's Kerry Lester quoting Peter Roskam's explaination to the Prez on Congressional Republicans fears,
"When they hear the president talking about how he approaches the economy, they fear he's leading in the same direction Illinois is now," Roskam said he told the president during the meeting in the Capitol basement with 232 Republican members. "Pursuing revenues, not dealing with the underlying spending problems. Higher than average unemployment. What they hear is avoidance behavior."
Speaking of Illinois, consider the Panatagraph's Editorial yesterday: Poor leadership keeping Illinois from recovering
...the inescapable fact is that we're losing ground to our neighbors and most other states in the nation. While other states are experiencing an economic recovery, Illinois — primarily due to the action or lack of action by government — is lagging behind.

Our state, with its location, natural resources and hard-working citizenry should be a leader in the region and the nation. The fact that Illinois is lagging behind other states is a disgrace.

I'm sometimes asked how all those bugs get into the computer programs and I give the obvious response: 'cause we programmers put them there.

So how did Illinois get such a sad sack government? 'Cause Illinois voters put them there. 

Put them there 'cause too many of us swept up over social issues Government ill equipped to deal with (I voted for George Ryan because I was far more the social liberal then and put off by Poshard's social conservatism), instead of voting on the issues of good governance and fiscal responsibility that our elected reps should know how to solve; but loath facing.

Hard working Illinoisans are for certain; but sometimes we're awfully gullible about issues that should be best left in our own hands, and set our expectatons far to low on grave issues our politicans should be resolving with hast.


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