Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jeanne Ives receives Death Threats

Kerry Lester on Death Threats made to Rep Jeanne Ives for supporting traditional marriage.  Also here at Illinois Review

Wheaton Police Chief Mark Field said 49-year-old Stephen Bona was charged Friday, hours after Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives reported getting a threatening voice mail at her district office.
"Your Tea Party brethren Sarah Palin put up a map that included the names, locations and faces of Democratic candidates and put them in the cross hairs of a gun," a caller says on the voice mail, a recording of which Ives provided to the Daily Herald.
The caller goes on to suggest that "perhaps we should do the same for you. We know where you live."
Ives has drawn heat for telling a Catholic Conference of Illinois radio show last month that same-sex marriages are "disordered." and couples are trying to "weasel their way into acceptability."

One Stephen Bona's LinkedIN account went down fast.

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