Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Illinois Review: Media ignores Democrat opposition to Illinois gay marriage

Only Conservatives are haters; Democrats are just mindful of constitutents; and hence good Politicans.  I think that's MSM's frame.

So IR asks why the media ignores Democrats opposed to Same Sex Marriage.
The Democrats have a 71-seat super-majority in the House. Yet Speaker Madigan either cannot or will not get the 60 votes needed for passage, which means either Madigan himself is not for it, or he's concerned about the electoral backlash - especially from African Americans - should it pass.

No matter what the politics, it's hypocritical that the activists refuse to slur Democrat opposition as they have Republican; and it is shameful that the mainstream media has failed to report the other side of the story.
African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians clinging to their traditions not an image Eric Zorn and most other Chicago Pundits save Kass want to sell.  History's tide needs pilots, or really fabricators, 'cause the majority of Illinoisians aren't buying it.

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