Monday, March 25, 2013

History hits a wall in Illinois on Same Sex Marriage

Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady's Tide of History breaks at Springfield.  Matt Wattson over at Chicago Phoenix writes,

After a surge of momentum in February, the bill has stalled in the Illinois House. Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) recently said the measure was 12 votes short, so it looks like proponents of gay marriage will be playing the waiting game for the foreseeable future.
With a Democratic super majority in the House, it may seem surprising that the bill didn't sail to victory. Conservative downstate Democrats will surely turn their nose up at marriage equality, but African-American legislators from Cook County are also potential 'no' votes.
It was Democrats split on Same Sex Marriage, not the GOP, and it's awfully odd Pat Brady didn't choose to take advantage of that.  I lived in Oak Park in the 90s and one of the most troubling aspects of living in a heavily Gay Community was this pattern of male couples in large restored victorian homes while the apartments filled with single Moms, often African American, raising kids.  It seemed a grossly imbalanced society.  Something badly askew. 

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