Monday, March 11, 2013

Baitul Ilm: Shameful Killing of Christians and Burning of Churches in Lahore

Their statement on the recent attacks on Christians in Lahore,

Shameful Killing of Christians and Burning of Churches in Lahore
The Baitul Ilm community strongly condemns the brutal and shameful killing of Christians in Badami Bagh, Lahore, Pakistan. In a cowardly and criminal attack, two churches and 180 houses were burned down.
Extremism in Pakistan has become a chronic problem. It was condoned from the early 1980s by General Ziaul Haq under the patronage of the West and with funds from Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich states of the Gulf. Al Qaeda, Taliban, Sepahe Sahaba, and Lashkare Jhanghvi are all products of the infelicitous union of the Western and Wahhabi agenda at the time. These extremists attack not just Shia and Sunni Muslims, but also are killing Christians, Hindus, and others minorities as well on a regular bases.
Human life is the most sacred creation in Islam, and regardless of color or creed every one has a right to enjoy life and freedom of faith. The houses of worship of all faiths are to be respected and secured in an Islamic society. The Quran and the prophet of Islam have a very clear stance on this matter, and main- stream Muslims always respected the differences of beliefs and practices among religions. Christianity and Judaism are sister faiths of Islam and all three are supposed to coexist as the Abrahamic family.
We demand that the government of Pakistan bring the killers and looters to justice and provide full security to all of the people of Pakistan, particularly to the minorities living in that Muslim state. We place our trust and confidence in God and ask His assistance in coming to the aid of all oppressed, deprived and suffering people of Pakistan and every country in the world. Amen.

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