Friday, March 22, 2013

Anatol Lieven: A Mutiny Grows in Punjab | The National Interest

A Mutiny Grows in Punjab | The National Interest

Anatol Lieven (author of must read Pakistan: A Hard Country) makes an interesting comment in the above linked column,

If Pakistan is to be broken as a state, it will be on the streets of Lahore and other great Punjabi cities, not in the Pashtun mountains. By the same token, the greatest potential terrorist threat to the United States and its Western allies from the region stems not from the illiterate and isolated Pashtuns but from Islamist groups based in urban Punjab, with their far-higher levels of sophistication and their international links, above all to the Pakistani diaspora in the West.

My hilite and I don't doubt it a bit. Illinois's 8th CD has a big chunk of that diaspora and Joe Walsh was quite correct to note the threat. A threat as much to the diaspora whose kids are targets for recruitment as it is a threat to the west.

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