Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MEMRI President Yigal Carmon In Interview: The Arab Spring 'Is An Honorable Journey For Which I Have The Utmost Respect'

An excerpt from  Carmon's interview,
"It Is Both Morally Shameful And Politically Unwarranted For America To Support Elements That Take [Egypt] Backwards"; Apparently When It Backed The Muslim Brotherhood, The U.S. Did Not Realize The True Strength Of The MB's Opponents 
Mr. Carmon is critical of the U.S.'s stance on Egypt, saying that it "should have stood with the progressive forces, not [with] the Islamists... In Egypt, it clings to the [Muslim] Brotherhood. This is really tragic. It is both morally shameful and politically unwarranted for America to support elements that take humanity backwards." 
Apparently, he said, when it backed the Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S. did not realize the true strength of the MB's opponents in the country. "I suppose they thought that the Islamists are the power to reckon with, and they [the Americans] just need to deal with it," he said. But now, he added, "they continue to stick to that policy, even when realizing that political Islam does not have a majority in Egypt."

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