Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Walsh: What a Bunch of Media Hypocrites!

Former Congressman Joe Walsh on the media, Illinois's GOP, and GOP Party Chair Pat Brady.  One of the best IMO of his recent series of emails.
Feb 26th, 2013
Over six weeks ago, I asked Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady to step down after his public comments on same-sex marriage. My request had nothing to do with Pat Brady — who's a good guy — and it had nothing to do with the issue of same-sex marriage. There are plenty of Republicans who support traditional marriage, and there are plenty of Republicans who support same-sex marriage.
Brady needs to resign not because of where he stands on marriage, but because, as the party chairman, he needs to publicly support the party platform which he helped draft last year or keep quiet. Pat, not once, not twice, but three times, publicly rebuked the party platform and publicly rubbed Republican noses in it.
That's not right for the party chairman to do, no matter what the issue is. The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald and others know this, but they continue to use this dispute as a way of claiming that it's all about same-sex marriage. They try to portray Republicans as intolerant on the issue of same-sex marriage. They are practically giddy about this.
Again, this isn't about same-sex marriage. It's about a party chairman publicly giving his middle finger to his own party platform. The reaction from the party would be the same if Brady publicly demanded that the Illinois legislature raise the state income tax.
The Chicago media are a bunch of hypocrites. Think about this for a moment: What would Illinois Democrats do if their party chairman came out and publicly supported traditional marriage and publicly demanded the Democrat Party vote against same-sex marriage? Can you imagine how upset Democrats would be?
Does anyone doubt that the Chicago media would be calling for that Democratic Party chairman to step down?
Liberal, media hypocrites.

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