Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Joe Walsh on SOTUS: Smiling and Clapping Our Way Toward Bankruptcy

Walsh's thoughts on last nights State of the Union,
I don't blame President Obama. He doesn't know any better. He was never ready to be president to begin with. We've never asked him tough questions. No, I blame a people that would elect President Obama for the loss of America as we knew it. It was all perfectly on display during last night's State of the Union speech.
As the president ticked off his list of new government programs and investments, with all the new government spending and increased government involvement in all of our lives, and as he purposely ignored the debt we're placing on the backs of future generations, the audience — our representatives — smiled and clapped repeatedly as if to say, "Give me more."
"Nobody deserves to be shot by guns, so I propose a new government program to …" The audience stood, smiled, and clapped and said, "Yes, lets have government fix it … Yes, give me more, Mr. President…"
"Nobody should work and not get paid properly, so I propose to raise the minimum wage to … " The audience beamed and roared, "Oh, yes Mr. President, do more … Raise the minimum wage even higher."
"Everybody deserves to have a job, so I propose a new program to put everyone to work … " The audience clapped and patted each other on the back. "Yes, Mr. President, let's have government guarantee jobs for everyone … more, more," they cheered.
"Every four-year old deserves top quality pre school education," the President said, "So I propose a new government program that will guarantee…" He couldn't even finish the sentence, the audience was so overwhelmed.
"Yes, Mr. President … top rated schools for all of our kids … more, more … All of our energy should be clean energy, so I propose new government investments to make sure every home is powered by the wind and the sun by the end of the decade,"… The audience was nearly delirious with joy,
"Yes, Mr. President, whatever it takes, keep our environment clean, make sure government stops climate change," they smiled.
They were so busy clapping and smiling last night they didn't hear him lie that none of this would add to the deficit.
They were so busy clapping and smiling that they didn't bother to ask if we could afford any of these new things. They didn't ask how you lower a debt by spending more. They didn't ask if any of these new programs would actually work. They didn't ask if these are things government should be doing in the first place. Most tragically for their kids and grandkids, they were so busy in the audience last night smiling and clapping, nobody asked whether it was right to stick future generations with the bill for all these new government programs and all this additional debt.
One day in the not too terribly distant future, our grandchildren will read about the founding of this country, and they'll read that our founders believed in ideas like freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility. Our grandchildren will ask what those things are. Their parents will smile and instead show them the video of last night's State of the Union speech, where everybody smiled and clapped down the big government road to bankruptcy. Then, they'll go out outside to the street corner together to beg for food

Rev Parker's Arc of the Moral Universe bending towards insolvency.  That's an injustice too; and an injustice we'll inflict on the young.

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