Thursday, February 28, 2013

Joe Walsh: Obama is Lying

Former Congressman Joe Walsh writes,

Feb 28th, 2013

During the debt ceiling fight in 2011, when President Obama came up with the stupid sequester idea — which Congress went along with and I voted against — Obama went on TV and said that if the debt ceiling was not raised, he wouldn’t be able to make Social Security and Medicare payments. I went on TV and said “The president is lying,” because he knew darn well that even if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, there was plenty of money to take care of our Social Security and Medicare obligations.

He’s doing the same thing now, and we Republicans are afraid to call him on it. He’s traveling the country trying to scare the American people by saying that if the sequester goes through, flights will be endangered, food safety will be impaired, parents won’t be able to send their kids to day care, and a terrorist attack is more likely to happen. The latest was yesterday when he sent his Education Secretary out to say that because of the sequester, “Teachers all over the country were already getting pink slips.” When asked to give an example, he could only give one, in West Virginia, and those dismissals had nothing to do with the sequester. Arne Duncan was lying.

We Republicans are too nice. The Democrats bring real knives to a knife fight. We bring Power Point presentations. This has to change. The president isn’t being flexible. He’s not being silly. He and his cabinet are LYING to the American people. We need to say it. He is saying untruths to scare the American people over to his side. He never, ever wants to cut government spending. That’s not who he is.

Call it what it is: The president of the United States is lying.

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