Friday, February 08, 2013

Joe Walsh: How to Understand Illinois in Six Simple Sentences

Joe Walsh writes some timely thoughts as Jesse Jacskon Jr signs his plea deal,
How to Understand Illinois in Six Simple Sentences
Illinois is the most corrupt, most broke, worst job creating state in the country. 
Taxpayers and companies are permanently fleeing from Illinois at a faster rate than out of any other State. 
Governor Pat Quinn is irrelevant. 
Michael Madigan runs this State and he and his Democrat followers are responsible for the disaster that is Illinois.  
The Illinois Republican Party has been a willing accomplice to this crime because they've been missing in action for years and have been only too happy to go along with Madigan and take whatever crumbs of power the Democrats will give them. 
Illinois will never recover unless the Republican Party quits this cowardly arrangement, reforms, makes the case for freedom and limited government, and fights like hell.

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