Sunday, February 10, 2013

Betty’s Blog: Oops….Sen.Sandoval and his “Golden Goose”

Say what you like about Betty Maltese, I think she’s savvy on how Pols get in trouble. Here she is on Sen Sandoval. (link to the rest of the post at bottom)

Pix…….Sen Sandoval and his “Golden Goose” Cicero Prez. Larry Dominick

I have no problem admitting when I am in error…..

A review of town expenditures actually shows that Sen Sandoval (Puentes ) received $268,800.00 from TIF restricted funds and $20,100 from the general fund.

I reported before that the figure was $197,400 but that was an error.

Also please note this figure DOES NOT include any funds paid to him in 2012.

I believe the record shows he started to do all the “translating” in the fall or winter of 2006 .

Oops….Sen.Sandoval and his “Golden Goose”

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