Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The American Spectator : Learning to Love Sequestration

Bergner on Sequestration: a foolish way to budget but maybe no more wiser than the way budgets put together anyways.

According to Professor Jeff Bergner, writing in the Wall Street Journal, “Some would inevitably argue that these cuts are unfair. Is the current budget fair? Everyone knows that a $3.6 trillion budget isn’t the happy result of Congress providing exactly what is ‘fair’ to every program.”

“The federal budget is the result of temporary and arbitrary political compromises, with each program funded as much as its advocates can get it and as little as its detractors can support,”says Bergner.

Bergner points out “There is no transcendent wisdom here, nor any argument that a federal budget that preserves the current allocation of spending, but at a slightly lower level, is somehow less fair.”

“Are we really to believe that a government that spent $2.7 trillion five years ago couldn’t survive a 3% cut that would bring spending to only $3.5 trillion today?” asks the good Professor.

Ergo, let it rip. Maybe it is time to start loving the sequestration.

The American Spectator : Learning to Love Sequestration

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