Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kiva hysteria in Campton Hills

Via the Daily Herald (link below).  Congratulations to Jim Kopec and John Strauss for a brave vote here.  Kopec’s likely right below.  There’s little the County can or will do to stop Kiva anyways.  Annexation would have benefited the Village most.  Village Prez Patsy Smith deserves much praise for enduring all the slander tossed at her and patiently moving this process along.

Trustees Jim Kopec and John Strauss voted in favor of the project, saying it would benefit the community and society; Village President Patsy Smith votes only to break a tie.

Strauss characterized resident fears about Kiva patients as "wrongheaded."

"If it goes to (the Kane) county (board), it will be approved," Kopec said.

Kiva officials declined to comment after the vote, but their attorney urged trustees to sign off on the plan earlier in the meeting.

"We have worked tirelessly to accommodate every legitimate concern that was raised, whether we agreed with the concern or not," said attorney Steven Elrod.

Campton Hills trustees reject Kiva rehab center -

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