Monday, December 10, 2012

Will Illinois Employers get amnesty for illegal hiring?

Per Reuters below, these Driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants will be visually distinct,

The measure would extend to undocumented immigrants Illinois' existing temporary visitor driver's license, used by legal immigrants. The licenses are "visually distinct" from ordinary licenses, with a purple background and the words "not valid for identification" on the front, explained Lawrence Benito, chief executive of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

I’m wondering if an employer, who requires a valid drivers licenses from an employee, and is presented with one of these visually distinct cards we’ll receive some kind of amnesty if he/she hires this undocumented person.

The penalties for doing hiring an undocumented pretty stiff, and criminal, not some civil fine. 

A recent example from Arizona in the case of Ivan Hardt,

Matthew Allen, chief of investigations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, said in a written statement that Hardt's sentence should serve as a warning to other employers.

"Hiring unlawful workers not only fuels illegal immigration and perpetuates a shadow economy, but it negatively impacts job opportunities for our nation's lawful work force," Allen said.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for Arizona, which prosecuted the case, had no immediate comment on Hardt's sentence.

Piccarreta said Hardt had no previous criminal record and that he and his office manager have since attended classes held by federal immigration authorities in an effort to ensure that his business is following immigration and employment laws.

Authorities alleged that Sun Dry Wall & Stucco underreported its number of employees to federal inspectors and that some workers were found to have fraudulent work documents. They also said the company's management was on the lookout for undercover immigration agents and that the firm's president and one of its foremen used two-way radios to communicate about the whereabouts of immigration agents.

An Illinois contractor who asks an employee to show a Drivers Licenses before letting that employee drive the company truck in a bind here if presented with one of these visibly different licenses. 

So just what in the heck is John Cullerton expecting an employer to to here to protect themselves from criminal liability?

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