Monday, December 10, 2012

Should Illinois companies reveal their tax payments?

Senator John Cullerton wants to see tax returns,

Cullerton’s proposal wouldn’t apply to private companies, only publicly traded ones. And their tax information would be released two years after it’s filed.

“It’s not a gotcha to the business community,” Cullerton, a Chicago Democrat, said when the Senate discussed the proposal. “It’s actually that (it) helps us have a better tax structure.”

And the story is here:  Should Illinois companies reveal their tax payments? -

But I’d really much rather see John Cullerton’s tax return.  And tax returns of the rest of the Cullertons serving in our Government.  And then next I’d like to see Speaker Michael J. Madigan's tax return and the returns of the other Madigans serving in our Government.

Then of course, there’s the Berrio’s family’s returns.  They’re a combine unto themselves.

So yes, please, let’s shed the bright light on tax returns.

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