Sunday, December 23, 2012

Second City Cop: More Hypocrisy (from Mayor Emanuel)

A comment to SCC found worthy as a post all its own on the SCC blog (link) at bottom.  Newtown a crisis not to be wasted an instead used to divert attention away from Chicago’s murder rate?

SCC, check this one out: WLS radio 890am: Jim Johnson, station reporter, reported that Mayor Emanuel was " outraged" that the NRA suggested putting trained armed security/police officers in all schools in response to the recent shooting at the Newtown elementary school.

Oh, outraged huh? Gee, if he's soooo outraged, then why doesn't he pull his kids out of the LAB School at the U of C campus. Guess the 2 U of C armed police officers that work the Lab School everyday just make for such a scary and unsafe environment. Oh wait, if he did that then he just might have to enroll his kids in the local CPS school by his house!?!?! Wait, that can't happen. CPS is just good enough for the peasants kids but not for his little angels. Double standard hypocrite.

Read the rest here: Second City Cop: More Hypocrisy

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