Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rod Blagojevich to be released from prison ( that is IPTP wonders)

Rod Blagojevich to be released from prison

Or so Illinois Pay to Play speculates.  This does sort of make you wonder,
The deafening silence you hear from Rod Blagojevich's legal team in the midst of John Chase and Jeff Coen running around town saying that they have listened to the never made public wiretap tapes, and that there is nothing on them, says it all, the deal is done.
This is the same legal team that consumed Blago's $3,000,000. campaign fund in his first trial, running around town screaming the tapes will prove Blago's innocent if only the people could hear them all.
Listen to what Sam Adam Jr. had to say on Dec 8, 2011, no doubt before the back-room negotiations were concluded. 
Did Sam Adam, Jr. mean, if only John Chase and Jeff Coen could hear them his client would be exonerated?
Curious to see who ends up backing Sam Adam Jr if he runs in IL2nd.

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