Monday, December 10, 2012

ObamaCareTax to hit job creators

From a Boston Herald Editorial today,

The Internal Revenue Service released its final rules last week on that Obamacare medical device tax that is expected to hit Massachusetts like a freight train. And, yes, it’s every bit as bad as we expected.

Knowing how hard it will hit some locally-based firms in this innovation-driven region, even some members of the state’s all-Democrat House delegation have pledged to work for repeal (the House has already voted for repeal, but the Senate has not). But barring repeal, the tax is set to kick in on Jan. 1 and raise at least $29 billion over the next decade.

So while state lawmakers are attempting to control health care costs in this state, the new federal tax will increase the costs of everything from tongue depressors to pacemakers.

Link here: Tax to hit job creators -

ACA looks ever more like a piece of legislation at war with itself. Every problem it solves begets a new problem, and the newer ones ever more intractable. This thing collapses on itself but destroys a good chunk of our healthcare industry before it goes.

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