Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No second term for Winfield village president - DailyHerald.com

Political Hardball in Winfield….

Citing a difficulty working with four of Winfield’s six trustees, Village President Deborah Birutis says she won’t seek re-election in April. And she’s already endorsing someone for the race.

And the link here: No second term for Winfield village president - DailyHerald.com

I’ve always wanted to blog more on local stuff, but it can get awfully bitter, and the closer to home, the more likely I know those involved.

This from the blog of one of those running for Mayor,

Why "We Are Winfield" as the theme motivating my focus to become Winfield Village President? Winfield is becoming a highly polarized political environment and it is carrying over into our neighborhoods, friendships and the local news. Most citizens have read the papers, read the blogs, talked to neighbors or surely seen signs in yards about community trust. Neighborhoods and individuals get stereotyped into opposing groups, one side over another, by marginalizing assumptions. The need to control the dialogue, to be right at all cost, to be heard instead of listening, drives debate and problem solving into ultimatums leaving no room for ideas in progress.

And the divides almost always around issues of development.

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