Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Signs of Rate Shock and Awe | The Health Care Blog

Robert Lazsewski writes,
Last week, I reported on my informal survey of health insurance companies and their estimate for how much rates will rise on account of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).  
Today, there are press reports quoting the CEO of Aetna with their estimate. The Aetna estimate is worse than mine.

The rest of it here: More Signs of Rate Shock and Awe | The Health Care Blog

I think individual insurance just disappears alltogether, and soon.  It’s not worth selling and Insurers who saw big profits coming from these sales will be disappointed, the young folks are headed for Medicaid (a program ill equipped operationally or financially to accept them). Lazsewski writes further on,
I can also tell you that, so far, I have detected no serious effort on the part of Democrats to delay anything. Frankly, I think hard core supporters of the new health law and the administration are in denial about what is coming.  
I expect more health insurers to be echoing the Aetna’s comments in coming weeks. There is a real concern in the industry they need to get out ahead of this telling people why rates are shooting up to counter the “shoot the messenger” attacks that will be sure to come.

You bet the shoot the messenger attacks are about to come!  The Democrats who wrote this evolving law aren’t about to take ownership of the bad outcome. They’re bailing already.  Soon they’ll be looking for scapegoats.  The Blues, and Aetna are the targets.

Update: The reason why for sceptics.

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