Sunday, December 09, 2012

Has ordeal changed Kirk? - Chicago Sun-Times

Phil Kadner’s opener on a nasty column in the Sun Times,
U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (D-Ill.) should reveal his medical bills.
Here's the link Has ordeal changed Kirk? - Chicago Sun-Times

And my comment….
I'd much rather see JJJr's bills. The Federal Employee Health Program dropped Residential Treatment from most benefit plans in 2011. A change to keep premium-increases low per the President's promise to keep them low, and also to keep the plans in line for ACA's anticipated benefit package. 
Presumably then JJJr paid the Mayo Clinic out of pocket for his extended stay there. If his FEHP plan did pay, it would have required an exception from his Case Manager based on attestations from JJJr's Physician that his condition was severe enough to warrant an exception. 
As we get political healthcare, expect more political uses of the healthcare system, and I suspect a political exception may be just below the surface here. If Phil's asking for Politican's bills, I'd say JJJr's bills a good place to start.
Update: Warner Todd Huston's perspective here


Anji said...

Mr. Baar...I have tried for 2 days to comment on the Times site and have not been able to do so. Here is what I wrote (along with the so-called error number).

An error has occurred, please try again later (403007)
Column's like this are one of many reasons we cancelled the times. Its lefty bias became so prevalent in every story that we didn't want to subsidize their insanity any longer. Jesse Jr. is exempt from criticism as is any other dem politician so the times can skip merrily along holding their hands. Disgusting disservice to the citizens.

The media in this city should be taxed as a part of the Dem party.

Bill Baar said...

Welcome to post it here Anji!