Sunday, December 23, 2012

Barickman discusses veto session - Pontiac, IL - Pontiac Daily Leader - Pontiac, IL

Barickman discusses veto session - Pontiac, IL - Pontiac Daily Leader - Pontiac, IL

The new Senator for Illinois's 53rd District discusses the effects of one-party rule in Illinois; and one party pretty much in the hands of one man: Speaker Mike Madigan.
"There is definitely a feeling that when this type of control is exerted, that it seems to be almost anti-democratic because most people in the state feel like, whatever the issue of the day is, you're going to win some and you're going to lose some, but so long as you have the opportunity to be heard, it makes the sting of losing a little bit less because you feel like you had your day up there. Again, on this issue, we thought we had the votes, but we weren't even allowed the opportunity. It's extremely frustrating," Barickman stated. "(Dwight) Mayor (Bill) Wilkey was in Springfield quite frequently through the spring session and at other times and he was there on one of the days where the frustration kind of boiled over. He saw it and asked me about it and unfortunately this is too often the way things are handled in Springfield. Single party and single person control resulting in very frustrated chamber and frustrated group of individuals trying to represent their districts." Barickman said that, even though the status of Dwight Correctional Center and the other facilities slated for closure are very important, there were other issues that were skipped over during the fall session.

"Dwight is not the only important issue that our state government is failing to address. Our state government has a backlog of $8 billion in bills. We're all in Springfield, it would seem like an opportune time to talk about how we're going to remedy that situation, but again, when the speaker says, 'We're adjourned,' then we're adjourned and we can all leave and have our water cooler conversations about how frustrating the process is and how we think that we ought to be dealing with a whole number of issues. At the end of the day, he calls those shots," he said.

Government by shot caller is Illinois. We'll get same sex marriage for a busted state cause that's the Democrat's priorities. All thanks to Mike Madigan.

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