Monday, November 05, 2012

The Beachwood Reporter - Fact-Checking Rahm: How He Faced The Nation And Lied Through His Teeth

From the Beachwood Reporter’s imaginary interview (link at the bottom of this post) with the Mayor on Face The Nation. Not mentioned is falsely slamming the Muslim world with over reaction to this video about the most Islamophic thing I’ve seen.  It’s simply false.  There was no reaction.  This was a calculated assault by al Qaeda.  Radical Islamists who mostly kill Muslims they find of the wrong sort.

RAHM: And the events there are a human tragedy. It's an assault on America.

RHODES: Then we are at war?

A clear-eyed review of the coverage and official statements clearly show that the Obama administrations went to great lengths to portray the Benghazi assault as one of spontaneous mob reaction to a crappy anti-Muslim video. Why? Because a planned attack by Libyans upon a U.S. embassy in which the ambassador is killed is a Tet moment; it demonstrates an organized opposition capable of such attacks that belie the rosy story we've been told about the president's brave intervention there. A spontaneous mob action spurred by a video, on the other hand, posits an ambassador's death an "accident" in the chaos of irrational extremists, even if aided by "opportunists."

This is why this is important. We were misled - and not just to preserve the president's policy options (for example, not having to declare war on Libya or send troops or take retribution militarily, explicitly anyway, special forces are probably operating, but so the administration doesn't have to respond immediately and publicly) but also on behalf of the president's political imperatives, particularly this close to an election.

While the Republicans have failed to explain this dynamic, instead just repeating the apparent sin of not immediately labeling the attack as a terrorist act, i.e., taking the macho approach and trying to paint the president as weak and not standing up for America, the critique remains just as validly from a progressive perspective. But that perspective, one that takes great issue with the civil rights disaster this president has been as well as the radically right-wing foreign policy approach going further than Dick Cheney ever would have dreamed including kill lists and civilian drone bombing campaigns, is missing from the media discourse.

The Beachwood Reporter - Fact-Checking Rahm: How He Faced The Nation And Lied Through His Teeth

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