Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rep Fred Crespo’s shameless advice to the GOP

Geez, the Democrats have a majority, claim they're fiscal conservatives, yet instead of getting down to business explaining what they’re going  to do with this immense power, they’re out there giving advice to the GOP! 

Democrats can’t govern even when they run the table.  They shamelessly seek cover yakking advice to the GOP.

You own it Fred Crespo.  Do your job or go.
These might include rethinking immigration and social issues as well as creating a more unified front — or at the very least clarifying and modifying the rhetoric on these issues. Some suburban Democratic candidates have appealed to independents who find fault with the more traditional Republican policies and those who pushed them at all costs.  
“The key word is moderate,” state Rep. Fred Crespo, a Hoffman Estates Democrat who won re-election, told State Government Writer Mike Riopell. “It seems like the pattern is we’re all fiscal conservatives up here.”

Editorial: Seize the moment, state Republicans -

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