Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comrade Jesse Sharkey in kahoots with the Capitalist Press

They aren't making Trokskyists any more the way I remember them.  Here's International Socialists Organization's Jesse Sharkey going mum when questioned about his politics, and then NBC's Charlie Wojciechowski slamming Breitbart for asking questions.

Compare the political cowardice today with the Socialist Worker Party's Fred Halstead, years ago, explaining Socialism and Marxism on Bill Buckley's Firing Line in the 70s.  A decade when the Left not shy about their convictions, and proud about what they stood for. 

I can hear the groans now over at German Waldheim of the old Radicals lamanting a Left no longer with the conviction to speak its mind, and instead hiding under the covers of big Media.

William Buckley Show with Socialist Workers Party Presidential Candidates from asi somburu on Vimeo.

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