Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What They Are Saying: Obama Launched Desperate Attacks On An Unshaken Romney

RNC’s Rapid Responses’ sum of the pundits.  I think Romney closed the deal last night.


CNN's David Gergen: "I think Mitt Romney did something that was extremely important to his campaign tonight and that was he passed the Commander-In-Chief test." ( CNN, 10/22/12)

Fox News' Chris Wallace: Mitt Romney Looked Like The "President Protecting A Lead" While Obama Looked Like "The Challenger Trying Somewhat Desperately To Catch Up." FOX NEWS' CHRIS WALLACE: "I thought in the middle of the debate that if I'd been on a desert island for the last four years and I had just been parachuted into this debate, I would have thought the guy who turned out to be Mitt Romney was the president protecting the lead and that Barack Obama was the challenger trying somewhat desperately to catch up." (Fox News, 10/22/12)

  • CNBC's John Harwood: "You know, there was a -- when you contrast the demeanor of the two, Barack Obama looked more like the challenger who looked as if he was trying to make head way in the debate." (CNBC, 10/22/12)

Politico 's John Harris: Obama's "Nitpicking, Overly Aggressive Strategy … Had The Effect Of Diminishing The President's Greatest Asset Which Is The Fact He Is Already Commander-In-Chief." POLITICO's JOHN HARRIS: "I felt that in a number of times when the president was making his point so aggressively, what was communicated in those exchanges was not strength and confidence but what was communicated was a kind of, sort of a nitpicking, overly aggressive strategy which had the effect of diminishing the president's greatest asset which is the fact he is already commander-in-chief."( CSPAN2, 10/22/12)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 's Salena Zito: "Romney great close. Boom. Presidential, full of path forward embracing American exceptionalism." (Salena Zito, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Salena Zito: "Former Dem congressman Sestak tells me Romney appeared to lay out a more compelling argument for the future on economy/foreign policy" (Salena Zito, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: "POTUS is consistently trying to draw Romney into a more contentious debate. It's what challengers do who think they are behind." (Chuck Todd, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

  • Politico 's James Hohmann: "So far Romney has not allowed Obama to get under his skin. He's staying calm, but POTUS keeps trying to make him lose his cool." (James Hohmann, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

NBC News' David Gregory: "The President is determined to pick a fight tonight; Romney determined to avoid it. What does that say about where each camp sees the race?" (David Gregory, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

  • NBC News' David Gregory: "Romney seemed more interested in coming across as a sober and careful commander in chief than a bellicose alt to President" (David Gregory, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)
  • The New York Times' Nick Confessore: "Romney acting like a guy with a lead to protect, Obama like a guy trying to make up ground. Former feels more natural for this debate." (Nick Confessore, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)
  • BBC's Katty Kay: "Is Obama attacking so hard because he's got bad numbers?" (Katty Kay, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)
  • The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "If you had no idea about the race, the level of aggression from Obama would make you think he is behind." (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Christian Schneider: "So far, Romney answering like a front-runner. Obama taking shots like a guy who needs to make up ground." (Christian Schneider, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

Buzzfeed's Zeke Miller: "Obama trying to interrupt, while Romney continues undeterred. Another strong Mitt moment." (Zeke Miller, Twitter_Feed, 10/22/12)

  • The Washington Post's Aaron Blake: "Romney is pretty good at continuing to talk when Obama tries to interrupt him. Best not to engage the interruptions." (Aaron Blake, Twitter_Feed, 10/22/12)
  • Buzzfeed's Ben Smith: "Romney goes, effectively, for the high ground after that Obama attack." (Ben Smith, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)
  • National Journal's Major Garrett: "Romney not rising to biting POTUS criticism; trying to parry & emphasize 'peace through strength' credo. POTUS dismissive." (Major Garrett, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "Unless something changes central debate of this debate will be: Was Obama attacking Romney so much smart or non-presidential?" (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

  • Reno Gazette-Journal's Ray Hagar: "Obama's Look Is Incredulous." (Ray Hagar, Twitter_Feed, 10/22/12)
  • The Huffington Post's Jon Ward: "Romney and Obama have both gotten a good zinger off. Romney appears more positive. Obama looks dour, negative" (Jon Ward, Twitter Feed, 10/22/12)

CNN's Gloria Borger: Obama Hasn't Cast A Vision For Four More Years. CNN's ANDERSON COOPER: "Did he set a vision for why he should have four more years?" GLORIA BORGER: "The president?" COOPER: "Yeah" BORGER: "Not any more than I think we've heard other than in the -- you know, in the summation." (CNN, 10/22/12)

  • MSNBC's Chris Matthews: "Romney was very good on the economy. Obama didn't seem to have a good comeback on the economy very well throughout tonight." (MSNBC, 10/22/12)

What They Are Saying: Obama Launched Desperate Attacks On An Unshaken Romney

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