Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandoval Disrupts Saviano Willis 77th District Candidate Forum

Marty Sandoval doing it the Cicero way. H/T Capitol Fax Video via Sun Times
Saviano posted the video from the forum online and blasted Sandoval for his behavior. 
"Good ol' Marty got crazy and started ranting and raving in Spanish," Saviano told the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday. " 
He tried to turn the crowd around on me and it backfired." Sandoval offered no apologies, saying Saviano and his supporters are racists who had made "a farce of democracy," allegedly co-opting the community group that organized the forum. 
"I was there as a Latino leader, and I wanted to ask questions of both candidates," Sandoval said. "I was not allowed to. I was very disrespected by them." 
Sandoval said Saviano and his backers are "wolves in sheep clothing, portraying themselves as defenders of the Latino community."

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