Friday, October 12, 2012

Kos downgrades Duckworth in Il 8th and lays the blame on Quinn

Ouch, Kos slams Quinn and sets him up for the blame for something that wasn't supposed to happen.
H/T Western Illinois over at Capital Fax

 IL-08 (Likely D to Lean D): The fact that freshman GOP Rep. Joe Walsh isn't automatic driftwood is a sign of just how distant a hope a Democratic House majority is. Tammy Duckworth has raised exceptional sums, and she's still favored. But the polling hasn't shown a slam dunk for her, and a fortune has been spent against her by conservative third-party groups who just refuse to give up on Walsh. But Barack Obama's just not doing as well in his home state as he did four years ago, and Gov. Pat Quinn is in the running for the most unpopular governor in the nation. All this is creating a drag on Illinois Democrats, and even Duckworth's not immune.

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