Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden's Smirk

RNC Press Release on various pundits takes on the Veep's Smirk

Biden's Smirk Doesn't Charm Debate Watchers



Ralston Report's Jon Ralston: "Biden's facial expressions guarantee he will have a talk show after his elected career, but may not be good for a debate." (Jon Ralston, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

NBC News' David Gregory: "Biden's smile is out of control." (David Gregory, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

NBC News' Mike O'Brien: "Biden Really Has To Rein In His Mannerisms."(Mike O'Brien, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

CNN's Piers Morgan: "Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential." (Piers Morgan, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

CNN's Gloria Borger: "It was condescending at times, to Paul Ryan and I think I could've done with a lot less eye rolling and chuckling on the part of Joe Biden." (CNN's "Inside The Spin Room," 10/11/12)

Bloomberg's Josh Barro: "Biden smirk is...not good." (Josh Barro, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Pittsburg Tribune-Review's Salena Zito: "Smirk = not good decision." (Salena Zito, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

NBC News' Betsy Fischer Martin: "Biden constant smiling is reminding me of Gore constant sighing in 2000." (Betsy Fischer Martin, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling." (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

  • Cillizza: "I seriously don't get the Biden incredulous laugh thing." (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
  • Cillizza: "The Biden smile = the Gore sigh?" (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake: "Biden making lots of noise/motion while Ryan is talking." (Aaron Blake, Twitter_Feed, 10/11/12)

WPHT Philadelphia's Chris Stigall: "Biden laughs like this is a game. Disgraceful." (Chris Stigall, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

New York Magazine's John Heilemann: "Biden = Bentsen on crystal meth." (John Heilemann, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Miami Herald's Marc Caputo: "Did anyone tell Joe Biden about the perils of the split screen and the poker face it can require?" (Marc Caputo, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

ABC News' Rick Klein: "Biden must have heard a very funny joke earlier."(Rick Klein, Twitter_Feed, 10/11/12)

The University Of Virginia's Center For Politics Larry Sabato: "SNL will have to devote entire show just to Biden's facial expressions." (Larry Sabato, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Salena Zito: "Multiple Dems email that Biden's tone dulls what he is actually saying 'Too smirky' 'the interuptions are awful, rude'" (Salena Zito, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein: "Will Biden interrupt Ryan's closing statement?" (Sam Stein, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Biden Attacking The Moderator "Doesn't Help With Likability"

The Washington Times ' Kerry Picket: "Biden is getting irritated. All that pointing at Raddatz."(Kerry Picket, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Politico's James Hohmann: "Biden ARGUING with the moderator. That doesn't help with likability." (James Hohmann, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "Complaining about moderator: bad form for candidate." (Chris Cillizza, Twitter_Feed, 10/11/12)

Biden's Antics Aimed At His Base, Turned Off Independents

The Denver Post 's Lynn Bartels: "I know Dems are excited by Biden, but I think the interruptions and smiles might be turning off non politicos tuning in tonight." (Lynn Bartels, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein: "Not sure how Biden will test with independents. Maybe not too well. But this was clearly a message to the base: get enthusiastic." (Sam Stein, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Real Clear Politics' Scott Conroy: "Thinking the Dem base is loving Irish Uncle Joe Biden tonight but not sure about undecideds." (Scott Conroy, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

ABC News'Amy Walter: "Seriously, Joe Biden, the laughing/smirking is not working for you. Very curious to hear what voters at home think of it." (Amy Walter, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

New Hampshire Union Leader's Joe McQuaid: "Biden going for base, sure can't be impressing indies, undecided." (Joe McQuaid, Twitter_Feed, 10/11/12)

The Atlantic's Joshua Green: "Biden's angry wonking not effective." (Joshua Green, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

Ryan Kept His Cool Through Biden's Constant Interruptions

Politix's David Mark: "Ryan's demeanor coming off as reasoned and measured compared to Biden's animation." (David Marx, Twitter Feed, 10/11/2)

Politico's James Hohmann: "Ryan is very CALM and POISED when talking about foreign policy. When you're talking about foreign wars, that's what voters want to see." (James Hohmann, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)
CNN's Sam Feist: "CNN Focus group loved it when Ryan talked about the debt crisis. Women more than men." (Sam Feist, Twitter Feed, 10/11/12)

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