Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zawahiri eulogizes Abu Yahya al Libi - Threat Matrix

Bill Roggio’s footnote on the Drone War’s strategy which doesn’t seem to be working all that well. 

To summarize, Zawahiri is telling us that we do not have a coherent strategy to defeat al Qaeda's ideological message.

While I am loath to agree with Zawahiri on the US's lack of strategy for dealing with jihadist ideology and to quote myself, I am going to point you back to this interview on the death of Abu Yahya with The New York Times, from June:

Some independent experts, however, were more cautious. "Killing the top leadership harms Al Qaeda, but it won't defeat them," said Bill Roggio of the Web site Long War Journal, which tracks drone strikes in the tribal belt, among other topics. "There are people who will step up to fill the void. Al Qaeda has a far deeper bench than the administration gives it credit for."

Mr. Roggio said that while drone strikes offered an attractive short-term tactic against Qaeda militants, they did not present a complete strategy. "Until we tackle Al Qaeda's ideology, state support and ability to exploit ungoverned space in countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, you're not going to defeat the organization," he said.

For more on this subject, see Threat Matrix report, On drones and their ability to defeat al Qaeda.

Zawahiri eulogizes Abu Yahya al Libi - Threat Matrix

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