Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washington Examiner's "Not As Good As He Says"

No surprises here for those of us who have followed Obama but it's nice to see the Washington Examiner collect it all together.


In 1999, Obama Was The Lowest-Ranked Lecturer At Chicago Law School And In 2003, “Only A Third Of The Student Evaluators Recommended His Classes.” “But law student evaluations made available to The Washington Examiner by the university showed that his popularity then fell steadily. In 1999, only 23 percent of the students said they would repeat Obama's racism class. He was the third-lowest-ranked lecturer at the law school that year. And in 2003, only a third of the student evaluators recommended his classes.” (“The Myth Of The 'Rock-Star Professor',” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“And, Unlike Others On The Chicago Law School Faculty Who Published Numerous Articles In Legal Journals, Obama's Byline Did Not Appear In A Single Legal Journal While He Taught There.” (“The Myth Of The 'Rock-Star Professor',” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“Senior lecturers were, however, still expected to participate in university activities. University of Chicago Law School Senior Lecturer Richard Epstein told The Washington Examiner that Obama did not do so. Obama, Epstein said, ‘did the minimal amount of work to get through. No one remembers him. He was not a participant in luncheons or workshops. He was here and gone.’” (“The Myth Of The 'Rock-Star Professor',” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

While In The Illinois State Senate, “Obama Voted ‘Present’ Nearly 130 Times, The Most Of Any Legislator In The Chamber.” “The pattern of minimal performance at the Chicago campus was not an exception to the rule for Obama. In the state Senate during the same years he was lecturing, Obama voted ‘present’ nearly 130 times, the most of any legislator in the chamber.” (“The Myth Of The 'Rock-Star Professor',” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)


In A 1997 Speech To A Liberal, Low-Income Housing Group Supporting Increased Public Housing Supports, Thereby Helping His Biggest Political Backers. “Obama was a newly elected Illinois state senator in 1997 when he addressed an audience that included many of Chicago's most powerful political insiders and activists, nonprofit executives, business movers and shakers, and philanthropic funders. The occasion was a meeting of the Futures Committee, an elite Chicago civic leadership group created by the Local Initiatives Support Corp., or LISC, a liberal, nonprofit, low-income-housing activist group. … Obama's innovation was to expand the concept beyond simply building affordable apartments and high-rises. It encompassed a cradle-to-grave vision of providing for the material needs of the low-income families residing in the new housing, including their schools, child care, job training, medical coverage, clothing and food. In turn, the residents would campaign and vote for the officials advocating the partnerships, adding significantly to their political power.” (“The 1997 Speech That Launched Obama,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

In 1994, Obama Was The Lead Defense Attorney For A Woodlawn Preservation And Investment Corp., Which Was Run By A “Chicago Slumlord And Powerful Political Ally Who Was Charged With A Long List Of Offenses Against Poor Residents.” “In March 1994, a year before ‘Dreams’ was published, Obama was the lead defense attorney on an obscure case in Cook County Court that has heretofore escaped examination by the national media. In this case, Obama defended a Chicago slumlord and powerful political ally who was charged with a long list of offenses against poor residents. The defendant was the Woodlawn Preservation & Investment Corp., controlled by Bishop Arthur Brazier, a South Side Chicago preacher and political operator.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

The Case Charged WPIC With Failing To Provide Heat And Water To The Apartment’s Residents In The Middle Of Winter, When Temperatures Reached Highs Of 11 Below And 19 Below Zero. “Brazier's WPIC had failed for nearly a month to supply heat and running water for the complex's 15 crumbling apartments. On Jan. 18, 1994, the day the heat went off, Chicago's official high temperature was 11 below zero, the day after it was 19 below.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“Even Worse, The Residents Were Then Ordered To Leave The WPIC Complex In The Winter Chill Without The Due Process They Would Have Been Afforded By An Eviction Procedure.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

WPIC Was Officially Charged With Multiple Municipal Code Violations. “In court documents reviewed by The Washington Examiner, Daniel W. Weil, commissioner of Chicago's Buildings Department, slammed WPIC for multiple municipal code violations, including ‘failure to maintain adequate heat,’ failure ‘to provide every family unit with approved heating facilities,’ and ‘failure to provide adequate’ supplies of either hot or cold running water.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“Things Were So Bad That The City's Outraged Corporation Counsel Declared That ‘The Levying Of A Fine Is Not An Adequate Remedy’…”“Things were so bad that the city's outraged corporation counsel declared that ‘the levying of a fine is not an adequate remedy’ and asked the court for a permanent injunction against WPIC, appointment of a receiver and imposition of a lien on WPIC to pay for repairs, attorneys' fees and court costs.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

In The End, WPIC Was Fined $50, Which Was A Typical Fine For Political  “But Obama did his work so well that in the end, on March 3, 1994, the court simply fined WPIC $50. Only then did Obama tell the court of the forcible removal of tenants in the bitter cold. An experienced Chicago housing attorney who reviewed the case at the Examiner's request said $50 fines against politically powerful slumlords were not uncommon at that time. The lawyer, who currently works for the city, asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,”Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

An Attorney Currently Working For The City Of Chicago Termed The Eviction Of The Residents “Outrageous.” “The attorney termed the forcible removal of the residents in the frigid Chicago winter ‘outrageous,’ and said it looked like ‘a way to avoid a lengthy eviction process by law. And if the tenants had leases, they should have been bought out with a cash payment in return for leaving the premises early.’” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

While The Eviction Process Was Occurring, The Building Was Becoming Part Of A Real Estate Syndication Deal. “The South University apartments eventually became part of a real estate syndication deal that Obama helped negotiate. Brazier remained as the controlling general partner, while the syndicated investors became limited partners. … A Chicago housing expert with direct knowledge of WPIC's real estate dealings told the Examiner that the syndication deal involving the apartments likely was being negotiated when the building lost heat.” (“For The Slumlord's Defense, Barack Obama, Esq.,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)


“‘I never drank the Kool-Aid about Barack Obama,’ veteran Chicago black activist Eddie Read told The Washington Examiner. Read is president of the Black Independent Political Organization, one of Chicago's largest black community groups. Read -- who describes himself as a ‘black nationalist’ -- said Chicago streets are filled with genuine ‘street gangsters’ and phonies known as ‘studio gangsters.’ The latter are impersonators who make money acting in studio-produced rap videos. The same dichotomy is found among Chicago's street activists, Read said. ‘So what you get from me is I'm still up in the air on whether or not my brother Obama was a real activist or a studio activist.’” (“Obama's Toughest Critics On The Left,”Washington Examiner, 9/20/12)

“Robert Stark, director of the liberal Harold Washington Institute for Research and Policy Studies, told the Examiner that the demolition effort required to clear the way for the new affordable-housing projects advocated by Obama was disastrous for low-income blacks on Chicago's South Side. ‘Obviously, when you're talking about the demolition of housing, there has been a great deal of controversy because poor people were not given an opportunity to come back to the housing that replaced the demolished housing,’ said Stark, whose institute is based at Northeastern Illinois University.” (“Obama's Toughest Critics On The Left,” Washington Examiner, 9/20/12)

“Obama's toughest critic on the Left, however, was the late Robert Fitch. Fitch, a radical leftist and freelance journalist who specialized in urban politics and economics, said Obama surrounded himself with people who got rich on Chicago's $1.6 billion neighborhood demolition program known officially as the Plan for Transformation. At least 25,000 low-income apartments in Chicago were destroyed under the program, which forced thousands of black families -- many of whom lived in Obama's state Senate district -- to move out of the city. Obama's political allies directed the effort.” (“Obama's Toughest Critics On The Left,” Washington Examiner, 9/20/12)

“Chicago ‘black nationalist’ Eddie Read contends Obama has never fought for the black community. ‘I would not honestly tag Obama as a fighter for black people, black agenda or black issues,’ Read told The Washington Examiner. … But four years later, as he looks around Chicago's neighborhoods, he said things haven't improved under Obama. ‘I don't see where the quality of life or the quality has changed,’ he said, ‘except that it's worse.’” (“The Poor People Obama Left Behind,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“Cheryl Johnson and her mother, Hazel, lived in the economically deprived Altgeld Gardens housing project when young Obama was a community organizer there. Her late mother also was an organizer at the housing complex and often welcomed Obama into her kitchen. ‘He's everybody's president,’ Cheryl Johnson told the Examiner, saying she is proud she knows him. But has he made a difference? ‘We, as poor people, don't feel it and don't see it,’ she said.” (“The Poor People Obama Left Behind,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)


Former Illinois Sen. Pater Fitzgerald, “A Maverick Republican And Reformer,” Said He Had “Never Seen [Obama] Fight Corruption. He Never Wanted To Upset The Apple Cart With The Chicago Machine.” “Former Illinois Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, a maverick Republican and reformer, told The Washington Examiner that Obama never fought corruption, even when it was being done by Republicans. ‘I've never seen him fight corruption. He never wanted to upset the apple cart with the Chicago machine,’ Fitzgerald said.” (“The Myth Of Obama As State Senate Reformer,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

In 2000, Obama, At The Behest Of A Group Of Politically-Connected Minority-Owned Businesses And Obama Supporters, Began Pressuring Illinois’ State Pensions To Set Aside 15 Percent Of Pension Assets For Management By Minority-Owned Investment Companies. “State Sen. Barack Obama and members of an Illinois lobbying group representing politically connected minority-owned businesses launched a campaign in 2000 to pressure state pension funds to help their friends and donors … Much as the Rev. Jesse Jackson had been doing for years to Fortune 500 corporations, Obama and the Alliance of Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs, or ABLE, demanded that the officials set aside at least 15 percent of pension assets for management by minority-owned investment companies. … John Rogers, Ariel Capital Management's CEO, and James Reynolds, founder of Loop Capital, were ABLE leaders and longtime Obama supporters. Louis A. Holland, chairman of Holland Capital Management, was also an ABLE leader and Obama donor.” (“Obama's State Pension Scheme,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

The Executive Director Of The Illinois State Board Of Investment Said Obama Was Relentless In Pressuring Him. “William Atwood, executive director of the giant Illinois State Board of Investment, or ISBI, told The Washington Examiner that Obama was relentless in applying pressure. ‘Anytime I saw him, he brought the issue up. I would see him in Springfield or I would see him at a function and invariably he raised the issue,’ Atwood said.” (“Obama's State Pension Scheme,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

“The Campaign Succeeded In Early 2001 When More Than $500 Million From The Pension Funds Was Transferred To Ariel And Holland…”“The campaign succeeded in early 2001 when more than $500 million from the pension funds was transferred to Ariel and Holland, and Loop was retained as a brokerage firm, according to pension fund documents obtained by the Examiner.” (“Obama's State Pension Scheme,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

In 2007, Obama Boasted To The National Urban League Of Getting $500 Billion Worth Of Business To His Political Allies. “Obama boasted about his success in the pension campaign during a 2007 address before the National Urban League conference. Referring to ABLE, he declared, ‘some of the financial service leaders there, they came to me and said, 'You know, we are not getting any business from our own state pensions.'’  Obama was proud of his accomplishment. ‘In about six months, they got about a half-billion dollars' worth of business,’ Obama declared.” (“Obama's State Pension Scheme,” Washington Examiner, 9/19/12)

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