Friday, September 21, 2012

Tammy Duckworth at the Villa Park Islamic Center

I haven't watched all of these but the first question on the second tap is on Narendra Modi who seems a guy who could teach us a few things here in the US on Economics. Recall Bush welcomed Iran's Khatami to speak at the Streamwood Islamic Center back in 2006 over some pretty vocal protests. More on these later.

Update: In the second video Duckworth comes out in support of the drone wars. She also admits Affordable Healthcare Act has some flaws and GOP criticism should be considered (sorta late for that). She also has an Islamic council of advisers. She supports a two State solution, and says she's a strong supporter of Israel citing J street of all things as evidence.

Duckworth sees saber rattling on Iran. Wonder who she thinks is rattling a saber. She claims it was the GOP at the Tampa convention. Sadly the tape omits Duckworth's conclusion in the answer to the question on what she would do about Syria.

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