Friday, September 14, 2012

Joe Walsh for Congress » Duckworth: CTU strike puts her “in an interesting situation”

Outstanding statement from Walsh.  The election in a nutshell: does a Congressman owe patrons of Unions and Emanuel, or the voters who send him or her to Congress.  I doubt Duckworth so wrapped up in Chicago’s patron-politics she can’t even understand this conflict.  It just interests her.

Thursday, Tammy Duckworth spoke to the editorial board at The Daily Herald. The board pressed Duckworth for her thoughts on the Chicago Teachers Union strike. In response, Ms. Duckworth stated that due to her strong backing and close relationship she enjoys from both the teachers union and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the strike put her “in an interesting situation”, in which she did not want to upset either side.

Congressman Joe Walsh later stated, “Ms. Duckworth should be less concerned about which campaign supporter she offends. She should instead worry more about siding with the children and families of Chicago and seeking good policy that will reform these broken schools and put the system on sound financial footing.”

The Daily Herald reported Duckworth’s union backing includes an endorsement from the Illinois Federation of Teachers and contributions each ranging from $1,000 – $10,000 from The American Federation of Teachers and the SEIU.

Walsh continued, “If Ms. Duckworth wants to prove to the people of the 8th district that she is not beholden to public sector special interests, she should return those contributions to show she sides with the 350,000 children being shortchanged by this strike. Otherwise, whether she sides with Mayor Emanuel or the Chicago Teachers Union, it does not make a difference. It’s already clear to the people that she has already picked the side of political loyalty over public interest.”

Joe Walsh for Congress » Duckworth: CTU strike puts her “in an interesting situation”

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