Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Federation of Indians Association commemorates India’s I-Day with enthusiasm

….and Joe Walsh and a few other West Suburban Pols.

Congressman Joe Walsh in his spirited speech recognized 400,000 Indian American owned businesses in the US which play a key part in the growth of the US economy. He stated that he will not be silent until the US invites Chief Minister Modi to visit the US and issue him a Diplomatic Visa.

Mayor William D. Mcleod, Rodney Craig and John Lawson and State Representatives Fred Crespo and Michelle Mussamen also gave short speeches and wished Indian People a very Happy Independence Day.
Master of Ceremony for both events was FIA treasurer and Cultural Program Coordinator, Bharti Desai. She is a renowned singer in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

FIA (New) commemorates India’s I-Day with enthusiasm | IndiaPost

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