Friday, September 28, 2012

Economic Patriotism or Socialism with a Liberal Face

Socialism with a Liberal Face maybe.  Via RBO2, link below including the video.

The occasionally-maligned Lou Dobbs sort of gets it. Earlier today he tweeted: Pres. Obama’s new stump phrase “economic patriotism” has [an] Orwellian cast that is both meaningless and vaguely sinister. Syn., redistribution.

Erika Johnson at Hot Air dissected and attempted to interpret the Obama ad to which Dobbs alludes (below) as code language for “more stimulus”. Johnson concludes with “‘New economic patriotism’? Does that sound severely creepy to anyone else?”

Severely creepy is an understatement.

Lying Liars: Obama conjures up ‘severely creepy’ liberal screed ‘new economic patriotism’. It’s ‘backdoor nationalization’, stupid! | rbo2

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