Thursday, September 27, 2012

Double Dip Recession

I think we’re headed for one.

New durable goods orders in August fell by the most since the recession and a separate reading on the broader U.S. economy came in much weaker than expected. But weekly jobless claims sank to a two-month low, in a hopeful sign for the labor market.

US Durable Goods Orders Drop Worst Since Recession - US Business News - CNBC

And it’s a self created one: Morning Bell: Obama and Congress Are Choosing to Cause a Recession,

What makes this recession different, and predictable, is that the disruptive force is Washington policies and, even more, Washington behaviors—policies and behaviors for which the nation can thank the Congress and especially President Obama. The policy is Taxmageddon. The behavior is intentional, insistent inaction. The consequence is recession. The response should and will be outrage. – J D Foster

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