Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conservatives Agree: Romney’s Right | RedState

Good post by Eric Erikson over at Red State.  We need a little more Romney off-the-cuff.

I stand second to none in being critical of Mitt Romney’s campaign. Hell, on MSNBC yesterday, Bay Buchanan lit into me as having never been with them and finding things to criticize. So pay attention here. Michael Warren is engaged in some beltway thinking that I think has plagued the Romney camp and which has always been a chief concern.

For once, we see Mitt Romney undercover and off the record and he sounds like a real person not pulled by the gravitational forces of the DC GOP Elite who have capitulated to $16 trillion in national debt. And suddenly, those beltway Republicans are beating up Romney for saying something off the cuff, maybe not as polished as he should have, but that is agreed with by a majority of Americans.

Read the whole thing: Conservatives Agree: Romney’s Right | RedState

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